An Innovative FDA-approved Wrinkle Treatment A fine dermatological procedure, which is used to vanish away those frown lines and furrows from the forehead, by acting on its muscle, is what Dysport is all about. It is a really effective and safe treatment for eradicating the undesirable wrinkles from the forehead, giving it a smooth look. Dysport was invented in the year 1990, in the United Kingdom, for the purpose of treatment of ophthalmic and neurological conditions. Since that time, Dysport is being used for several conditions, varying from wrinkle eradication to excessive sweating in the axillary area.

What does Dysport do ?

You would have certainly noticed that when you frown, you develop linear lines on the forehead, which tend to get deeper depending upon how much you keep these muscles of the forehead stressed. As the age advances, these creases formed tend to become permanent. Linear furrows on the forehead and the creases in between the brows make one look furious always. Dysport immobilizes these muscles of the forehead temporarily, making you unable to frown for some time, while the thing does its work to smoothen out those creases, giving your face, its youthful look back. The working of Dysport may vary among individuals and hence, it is quite necessary that you speak to your doctor about its working and effects prior to the treatment.

So what is Dysport ?

Dysport is actually a protein that is obtained from the bacterium “Clostridium botulinum”. Initially, this protein was used for treating neurological ailments of different kinds such as cerebral palsy and involuntary muscular spasms.