Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment (Aesthera Isolaz)

It is a type of procedure in which vacuum and laser therapy (painless) is used in combination to purify and deep cleanse your skin pores. It is a quick procedure that is easy and painless. It can be done on all skin types effectively. It is the only procedure to be cleared by the FDA to treat comedonal and postural types of acne. It is also cleared to treat mild to moderate types of acne vulgaris. A series of five treatments is usually recommended; however, the number of treatments depends from patient to patient.

How does it work ?

With the help of the Isolaz vacuum gentle pressure is applied on your pores, which helps in loosening and extraction of dirt, excess oil and blackheads from your pores. With the help of painless laser the acne causing bacteria are destroyed along with reduction of sun damage spots, redness of face and facial veins and even unwanted facial hair.

Who is a candidate for Aesthera Isolaz treatment ?

Persons with any skin type who have skin problems of uneven skin tone, spots (brown and red), sun damage spots and facial veins is a candidate for Aesthera Isolaz treatment.